Our Staff

Chiuho DuvalChiuho Duval

Chiuho is originally from Taiwan and has been living in the United States since 2001. She brings an eclectic background to the restaurant that she first joined as a cook in 2002. Her first experience in the restaurant business came as a side job as she was working as a photojournalist. She was working for a TV station where she made documentaries and worked on news programs. She took a part-time job as a server in a small chef-owned restaurant, in Taipei, called the Lazy Fish. There she met Chef Lee, who would later inspire her to travel to the United States to study at the New England Culinary Institute, with a concentration in wines and French cuisine. Chef Lee taught her to appreciate food and wine in a way she never had before. He opened the door for her to realize and appreciate the depth of knowledge, finesse, and creativity that goes into both cooking and serving food and wine, and to be inspired by the gratitude and appreciation expressed by people on the receiving end.

Chiuho soon realized she was at a turning point in her life. She left her job as a photojournalist and managed the Lazy Fish for two years, before becoming Chef Lee’s business partner.

In 2001, she left Taipei to attend the New England Culinary Institute, where she would embark on the cooking aspect of her culinary journey.

Soon after graduating from NECI, Chiuho joined the culinary team at A Single Pebble and became a partner in 2005. Steve Bogart officially passed the torch to her when he retired in 2008. It is now that Chiuho can realize her dream of truly being and continually learning what it means to be a restaurant owner -the perfect occupation to showcase her most important aspects.  Her background in photojournalism has taught her to be inquisitive about the food she serves. She understands that each dish carries it’s own unique history and story. She works hard to honor that history and tell the stories, finding ways to merge the old, traditional and exotic ways of cooking with more modern techniques incorporating locally available ingredients.

Chiuho is and will continue to be hungry for more knowledge and inspiration. She travels abroad at least once a year, to follow a chef, take a course, or simply eat as much of the local fare as she can stand.

With her past and future life experiences, she hopes to continue the legacy of A Single Pebble, and to add a personal touch to it, as well.

Charles ClarkeCharles Clarke

Charles trained in the original restaurant in Berlin and has been cooking at the Burlington restaurant since it opened in 2002. He graduated from the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) in 1998, and in addition, he brings with him about 20 years of cooking experience. Charles loves the tasting menu style of dining. He loves the improvisation within the boundaries of what has been done for thousands of years; drawing on the classics and elements of Chinese food. “I dream of nights when only the first-time diners have menus, and everyone else knows they’ll be taken care of. They know there is a payoff for their trust, plus it comes with dessert”.

Gayle LeibmanGayle Leibman

Gayle has been with A Single Pebble in both the Barre-Montpelier and Burlington locations since 2001. In her capacity as both Assistant Manager and server, she brings years of experience, knowledge, and a warm, caring attitude to the restaurant.

She is one of our most popular servers, and is often requested by regular customers.

Jessie OwensJessie Owens

Jessie has been at A Single Pebble since 2008. Like most of the Front of House staff, she has cross-trained the different positions in restaurant. She shares the front of house and office responsibilities with Chiuho. Jessie is drawn to the romantic aspect of the restaurant. Her background in art and theater influences her approach to refining the details for large reservations and private events. She is most fulfilled by all of the customers leaving the restaurant inspired and full and applauding, as at the end of a successful performance, after the curtain has closed.

Jim MartinJim Martin

Jim started as a busser at A Single Pebble in 2007. Since then, he has also worked here as a Lunch Server, a Dinner Server, a food expeditor, and a Bartender. Jim is responsible for ordering and inventory for the bar. Although he enjoys all of his positions in the restaurant, he is particularly fond of the “bird’s-eye view” perspective Bartending allows him at the restaurant. “From the bar, you can see everything that is going on”. His favorite dishes are Water Beef, Mapo Bean Cake, and Sliced BBQ Pork.

Meghan BelyeaMeghan Belyea

Meghan has been at A Single Pebble for 6 years. She graduated, a Sociology and Anthropology Major, from St. Michaels College with a minor in Fine Arts. Meghan has always worked in the food industry, and decided to return to it after she finished school. “Cooking is the perfect combination of my interests. You can learn a lot from a culture by what they eat”. Meghan is the Pastry Chef at A Single Pebble. Dessert is her favorite part of the meal. She is intrigued by the chemistry of baking. “You have to follow a formula and you have to obey the rules. But once you learn the rules, you can alter them to suit the flavor-profile of the food you are cooking”.

Misa BlackmerMisa Blackmer

Misa has been with A Single Pebble since 2002. She has worked as a busser, a food expeditor, a server and a bartender. In addition to serving and tending the bar, Misa works with the owner to update the wine list. Misa is most inspired by the interesting people she meets when she is working, and the cohesiveness and professionalism between her coworkers at the restaurant.

Nathan BostockNathan Bostock

Nate has been at A Single Pebble since 2008. He has been working in restaurants for about 8 years, starting as a dishwasher, and working up the ranks. Nate primarily works the Big Wok Station where a lot of the large Chef’s Selection Dishes are cooked. Nate is inspired by the momentum and intensity at which the kitchen operates. He strives for balance in the dishes he cooks. “All of the flavors are pretty intense, but are hopefully balanced when we put them all together”.