Dinner Menu

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Small Dishes

Sliced Barbecue Hanging Pork
Boneless pork marinated in a five spice sauce.
Double Garlic Broccoli GF
Wok-fried broccoli in a house garlic sauce with cashew nuts.
Mock Eel GF
Braised shiitake mushrooms in a ginger sauce. A delightful, crispy flavor and texture.
Double Garlic Eggplant GF
Tender japanese eggplant braised with a special garlic sauce.
Fresh Napa GF
Crispy cabbage tossed in cilantro & rice wine vinegar.
Chilled Shredded Chicken GF
With black peppercorn sauce, sesame sauce, or white barbecue sauce.
Cha Tzu Style Eggplant
Japanese eggplant dipped in tempura batter served with a ginger hoisin sauce.
Sichuan Spicy Cucumber
Showered with a garlic, chili & rice vinegar dressing.
Dry Fried Green Beans Ⓥ GF
Fire flavored green beans wok tossed with flecks of pork, black bean, preserved vegetable & garlic.
Watercress Salad
Fresh watercress tossed with soy sauce and sesame oil.
Scallion Pancake
Pan fried traditional Northern-style pancake. Layers of wheat flour pancakes filled with scallion-flavored oil served with house-made sweet soy sauce.
Dou Hua GF
Steamed silken tofu served with chili oil, Sichuan preserved vegetables and crushed peanuts.
Seasoned & Pressed Tofu
Chilled slivers of firm tofu, seasoned with five spices and dark soy sauce & served with a dash of sesame oil and cilantro.
Peking Duck
A classic preparation served with crispy skin, cucumbers & scallions served with sweet bean paste and four pancakes.


Potsticker Style Dumplings
Five traditional hand formed dumplings served with a ginger vinegar sauce.
Chicken Dumplings With Spicy Sesame Sauce
Steamed chicken-filled dumplings served with a delicious sesame sauce.
Steamed Scallion Bread
A light cloudlike bun with flakes of scallion.
3. ea.
Vegetable Red Oil Dumplings
Six house made dumplings filled with spinach, shiitake mushrooms & seasoned bean curd, topped with red oil sauce.
Cha Shao Bun
A classic steamed wheat bun filled with Chinese BBQ pork, onion and mushroom in a savory honey sauce.
4 ea
Chef's Dumpling
A Single Pebble offers a wide variety of house-made dumplings. Please ask your server about today's selection.


Crispy Scallops Ⓥ
Sea scallops served over slivered shiitake mushrooms, celery, carrots, and red peppers, garnished with a Yushing sauce.
Market Price
Three Pepper Scallops Ⓥ GF
Wok-seared scallops with red, black & Sichuan pepper in a Chengdu Wine sauce.
Market Price
Red Chili Shrimp Ⓥ
Large prawns tossed with mixed vegetables in a peppery, tangy sauce.
Lemon Sesame Shrimp Ⓥ GF
Crispy shrimp in a lemon ginger glaze with Yu Choy, on a bed of Li Foon rice noodles. A Beijing specialty.

Fish of the Day

Market Price
Choice of Cooking Method:
-Steamed with Ginger, Scallion and Black Bean and served on a bed of Sichuan Spinach.
-Lightly seasoned and crispy fish tossed in a ginger sesame sauce.
-Chef's choice

Tofu and Seitan

Ma Po Bean Cake Ⓥ
A favorite rustic recipe from Sichuan Province. Fresh bean curd, minced pork & chilis tossed in a
robust, spicy Sichuan sauce.
Five Star Anise Tofu
Poached tofu in a five star anise scallion sauce served on a bed of greens.
General Chou’s Mock Chicken
Seitan showered in a red chili sauce, framed with broccoli crowns.
Buddha’s Sesame Beef
Crispy seitan served with mixed vegetables in a sesame garlic sauce. A house favorite.
Salt & Pepper Tofu
Crispy batons of tofu tossed with red chili peppers, scallions, ginger, & garlic. Served with White BBQ Sauce.

Vegetables and Others

Mixed Chinese Greens GF
Quick poached choys, then wok tossed to retain crispness and flavor.
Shredded cabbages and vegetables in a special sauce, served with six Peking pancakes.
Roast pork or Spicy Pork 21
Crispy Tofu19
Sweet & Pungent Walnuts
Battered walnuts, red peppers, onions & bean cake glazed in a sweet and pungent sauce.
Poached Greens
Choice of greens, gently poached and served with:
Hong Kong sauce13
Mushroom sauce14
Choice of greens:
Chinese Broccoli
Yu Choy
Baby Bok Choy
Napa Cabbage

Rice and Noodles

Cold Sesame Noodle
Lo mein style noodles with famous house sesame sauce.
Lo Mein
Traditional egg noodles, wok tossed with shredded vegetables in soy sauce and flavored with sesame oil.
Roast Pork17
Lo Mein Hong Kong Style
The ingredients in Hong Kong Lo Mein are layered rather than wok tossed as in traditional Lo Mein.
Crispy Bean Curd19
Roast Pork19
Crispy Prawn20
Ants Climbing A Tree Ⓥ
A classic Sichuan dish of pork & cellophane noodles tossed in a hot bean sauce with tree ear mushrooms.
Pad Thai
Large prawns tossed with pho rice noodles in a savory, pungent sauce. Served with crushed peanuts.
Copper Well Noodle
A very flavorful garlic, sesame and chili sauce served over Lo Mein.
Capital Vegetable Noodle
Fresh seasoned pressed tofu with diced Chinese vegetables in a Peking sauce over lo mein.
Beijing Street Noodle
Wheat noodles tossed with fresh garlic, chinkiang vinegar, & soy sauce. Everyday Chinese cuisine.
Tan Tan Noodle Ⓥ
Spicy sesame shrimp wok seared, then served with peanuts on a bed of wheat noodles and greens.
Fried Rice GF
An exceptional version of the traditional dish.
Shrimp or Pork10
Shuang Chai Chow Fun
Shredded pork with thin rice noodles in a ginger cilantro sauce
House Special Chow Fun
Fresh wide rice noodle with chicken, shrimp and roast pork tossed in a light brown sauce.

Beef, Pork and Poultry

Water Beef
Poached tender sliced beef on a bed of mixed greens in a garlic chili broth.
Emperor’s Beef Ⓥ
Marinated sliced beef with mushrooms in a flavorful Cantonese style sauce, served on a bed of baby bok choy.
Steel Pot Sha Cha Beef Ⓥ
Marinated beef in a unique barbecue sauce served over wide rice noodles with Chinese greens.
Sichuan Shredded Pork Ⓥ
Wok fried in a spicy Chengdu sauce, tossed with carrots, celery, bamboo shoots, & seasoned pressed tofu. Please specify mild, medium, or hot.
Barbecue Hanging Pork
Marinated pork thinly sliced with vegetables, bean cake & traditional Cantonese five spice sauce.
Home Style Pork Ⓥ
Shredded pork with onion and garlic chive in a mild-flavored soy sauce.
Tangerine Peel Chicken Ⓥ GF
Crispy pieces of chicken with chilis, tangerine peel & garlic sauce framed with broccoli crowns.
Five Flavor Chicken Ⓥ
Tender poached chicken hand-shredded and served with sliced mixed vegetables. Topped with a wonderful five flavor sauce.
Red Oil Chicken Ⓥ
Wok seared chunks of chicken in Sichuan sauce. Our spiciest menu dish.
Crispy Lemon Chicken Ⓥ
Boneless marinated chicken breast topped with house lemon sauce.
Three Cup Chicken Ⓥ
A traditional Taiwanese dish. Crispy pieces of chicken, flash-braised in a wine and soy sauce with ginger, garlic, basil and sesame oil.

Kung Po-style DishesⓋ GF
Choice of protein with whole peanuts, chilis & diced vegetables in a Sichuan Kung Po sauce. Please specify mild, medium or hot.


Hot & Sour Ⓥ
Shredded pork, chicken, shrimp, tofu, tiger lily bud, & tree ear mushroom seasoned with red & black vinegar and white pepper. The recipe of the chef who introduced hot & sour soup to America in 1953.
Chop Your Head Off
A rustic, full-bodied soup of wide house made noodle, ground pork, & Napa cabbage.
West Lake Soup GF
A delicate banquet soup of minced beef, straw mushrooms egg white ribbons and spinach.
Red Thai Ⓥ GF
From the border of the Yunnan province, this Thai inspired soup is made with coconut milk, rice noodles and chicken, flavored with yellow curry and topped with crispy Lo Mein.
Sea Of China GF
From the oceanside city of Ningpo, this classic soup contains shrimp, scallop, and squid with special preserved vegetables and egg white ribbons.
Vegetarian Watercress
Vegetable stock and miso are the base flavors for this delightful Buddhist soup of tofu & watercress.
Classic Egg Flower
Classic Egg Drop soup with a combination of chicken and shrimp.
Spicy Three River Ⓥ GF
Three rivers run through Yunnan. One is the origin of the Mekong
River of Vietnam - the heart and soul of Southeast Asia. This soup is made of Mekong Curry, coconut milk, lemon grass, cilantro, basil and fish, drizzled with chili oil.
Family Pot (serves 3-4) 10.95

Tea Service

Loose leaf – 4 to 6 servings per pot
oolong, jasmine, black lichee, gunpowder,
green tea, or chrysanthemum (decaffeinated) 2.95/pot

ⓋAvailable with a meat substitute.

GF  Can be made gluten-free.

A gratuity of 20% may be added to all parties of six or more.