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Hunan Breakfast Soup

4 cups           Chicken Stock

Splash          Soy Sauce

Dash each   Superior Soy Sauce

                       Dark Soy Sauce

Pinch each Ginger

                      White Pepper

½ cup          Pork, sliced

1 Tbsp           Slurry, to thicken

1                     Egg, lightly beaten

Handful       Spinach chiffonade

Dash             Sesame Oil

1 Tbsp           Scallions, diced


In the wok, heat the chicken stock and add the soy sauces, ginger and white pepper. Add the pork to the stock and bring the soup to a simmer. Add the slurry and bring the soup to a boil, turning off the heat when the pork is just cooked. Ribbon in the beaten egg and remove the soup from the heat. Place the spinach in a large bowl or soup crock and pour in the soup, covering the spinach. Garnish the soup with the sesame oil and the scallions.

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